HD EN | Rökkvi Coffee Liquor
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Rökkvi Coffee Liquor


When the idea came up to create a coffee liquor, the main goal was for it to have a strong and real coffee flavour, still sweet enough to enjoy on its own. A type of coffee rich and deep enough to fulfill our requirements had to be chosen, which is why Te og Kaffi’s quality coffee was our immediate and only choice. The name Rökkvi, which means “dusk”, was chosen as the name for our unique product after much anticipation. Rökkvi has a rich flavour of coffee, brown sugar and soft caramel that is to savour with every sip.


Cold Brew is the methood that is used to create Rökkvi, where ground coffee beans sit and soak in water for long periods of time. This is how we achieve the delicious qualities desired from the coffee beans while at the same time retain some of the bitterness.

We recommend using Rökkvi to create a Dirty Frappé, a White or Black Russian, an Espresso Martini or an ice cream dessert.