HD EN | Pure North
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Pure North


Pure North is a new range of product from Hovdenak Distillery which connects us to the Icelandic Viking era as the bottles are beautifully decorated with binding runes and cold sea around Iceland.

The quality of the product is exemplary since only herbs are used alongside with pure Icelandic water. We macerate all the herbs together in a special extraction before we distill the macerated alcohol, we use a unique still that allows us to distill at much lower temperature than regular method to keep safe all the essential oils extracted in the maceration.

This is done to achieve incredible smoothness all the products have in common, for you to enjoy.

Pure North Gin

500 ml / 40% Vol.

This is straight up classic gin where juniper berries are upfront and personal like it should be in a classic gin, afterward comes a nice lingering citrus tone following alongside with fresh artic thyme and some wormwood.

Nice clean gin that is well served with lots of ice and good quality tonic.

Pure North Pink

500 ml / 37.5% Vol.

Simple, this is a summerdrink in the bottle.

Fresh strawberries and raspberries play the main role here followed by smooth tones of gin. 

We recommend using a tall glass with you’re favorite mixer filled with ice, fruit and a cocktail umbrella.

Pure North Vodka

500 ml / 40% Vol.

A first class grain vodka, distilled and bottled in Iceland. 

Incredibly smooth and refined with our famous Icelandic spring water.