HD EN | Hvítserkur Rum
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Hvítserkur Rum


This special white rum is fermented in the Caribbean with molasses from Jamaica, the last distillation is done by our unique still in Iceland that only uses geothermal energy. The outcome is crispy clean, smooth rum with a rich character.

Hvítserkur White Rum

Superbly fruity with a lot of different forms of fresh bananas with a nice
refreshing herbal note. Not too serious but with a very nice cut. Flavorsome and very smooth. With a bit of fresh and barbecued pineapple on the finish. The cut is very precise. It is crisp, bright and very clean.

Hvítserkur Spiced Rum

It starts with fresh fiery ginger and spices on the nose, followed by bright
orange zest and sweet festive spices and ripe red berries. The palate is sleek and focused with a lovely composition of sweet spices and zesty citrus cooled by cloves on the mid-palate. It has a delightful long finish with some lingering cardamom. It is a very well thought through spiced rum with an amazing application of aromatic and flavor components enhancing an already superb rum base spirit.

Hvítserkur Dark Rum

500 ml / 40% Vol.

Coming soon.