HD EN | Loki Vodka
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Loki Vodka


Once upon a time a powerful volcanic plume hidden deep below the earth‘s crust forced its way upwards to form what would become known as Iceland. A land of extremes with many faces and constant changes that bring new challenges. These changes sculpted and formed the rugged landscape and the people who adapted to make their homes.

The name Iceland (Ísland) was chosen to create an illusion to avert prying eyes from unwanted visitors. Perhaps a deception by the trickster Loki himself, to keep Iceland hidden? Loki is a brand that reflects the nature of Iceland. Elegant, proud, and always more than meets the eye.

The Icelandic water is among the purest and most refreshing water on earth. Loki is uniquely distilled and is made with the pristine Icelandic water which has been filtered through volcanic rock for thousands of years. The result is incredibly smooth and refined water with the feel of drinking silk. It is Iceland‘s pride and joy. The Icelandic water has uncommonly high pH, making it naturally alkaline. The water used in Loki‘s Vodka is therefore only naturally filtered.