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Loki Vodka

Icelandic Vodka Loki Vodka

Embark on an enchanting journey to the heart of Iceland, where nature’s extremes meet the artistry of human craft. Loki Vodka isn’t just a spirit; it’s an embodiment of Iceland’s untamed beauty, a tribute to resilience, and a testament to the pursuit of perfection.


The Essence of Iceland

At the core of Loki Vodka lies the purest Icelandic water, sourced from the untouched glaciers that grace this dramatic landscape. It’s water that has journeyed through layers of volcanic rock, emerging as a testament to Iceland’s unspoiled nature. A true symbol of purity.

Harvesting Nature’s Bounty

Loki Vodka is meticulously crafted from hand selected potatoes. This rare choice of base adds a unique depth and character, resulting in a vodka that is nothing short of silky smooth. It’s a taste that glides over your palate, leaving a lasting impression.


The Craftsmanship of Artisans

Every bottle of Loki Vodka is a work of art, handcrafted by skilled an artisan in a remote corner of Iceland. Here, amidst the harshest elements, dedication thrives. It’s this dedication that shapes Loki Vodka, making each bottle a testament to human ingenuity. Echoing the diversity of Iceland’s terrain, from earthy potatoes to pure water, every element is carefully chosen to create a symphony of flavors that captivate the senses.


The History

Once upon a time a powerful volcanic plume hidden deep below the earth‘s crust forced its way upwards to form what would become known as Iceland. A land of extremes with many faces and constant changes that bring new challenges. These changes sculpted and formed the rugged landscape and the people who adapted to make their homes. The name Iceland (Ísland) was chosen to create an illusion to avert prying eyes from unwanted visitors. Perhaps a deception by the trickster Loki himself, to keep Iceland hidden? Loki is a brand that reflects the nature of Iceland. Elegant, proud, and always more than meets the eye.

loki Vodka Icelandic Vodka potato vodka
Loki Vodka

A testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence that echoes in every aspect of its creation. Loki Vodka has earned gold awards from every corner of the Earth, a recognition of its exceptional taste and craftsmanship. A tribute to the artisan who toil in remote corners of Iceland, shaping Loki Vodka with their hands and hearts.


Tasting Notes

International Drinks Specialists 2021 – “Warm welcoming nose, showing just the right amount of potato characteristics. Smooth, plush and silky on the palate with a layered texture and a long, yet warming finish that is just in balance with some refreshing, citrus zest and cream elements. It is a great example of varietal vodka that is distilled to an outstanding standard. A modern classic with a subtle, refreshing aftertaste.”

loki Vodka Icelandic Vodka potato vodka

Sustainability in Every Sip

Loki Vodka is a symbol of sustainability. Distilled using renewable geothermal energy, it echoes Iceland’s commitment to protecting its pristine environment. It’s a showcase to what can be achieved when innovation and nature harmonize.


In the realm of fire and ice, where the forces of the Earth sculpt the land and ancient glaciers safeguard secrets millennia old, a water unlike any other is born. This water, Icelandic in origin, is drawn from the remote and untamed corners of this Nordic marvel.


The journey of Icelandic water commences in the elevated volcanic highlands, where rain and snowmelt delicately percolate through layers of volcanic rock and mineral-rich soil. This natural filtration process bestows upon the water a distinctive and remarkable purity, ensuring its emergence as some of the purest liquid on Earth.


Each precious drop of this water is an open invitation to explore Iceland’s unspoiled wilderness and relish the untainted essence of a land that remains untouched by the relentless passage of time.


Crafted amidst Iceland’s ever-changing landscapes, Loki Vodka embodies the Icelandic spirit. It is a celebration of the extremes, from the icy glaciers to the volcanic fire, from the tranquility of remote springs to the resilience of its people.


Experience the untamed spirit of Iceland and the craftsmanship born from its remoteness, one sip at a time.