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Stuðlaberg Gin


In the heart of Iceland, where the very essence of nature meets the pinnacle of human craftsmanship, there exists a gin like no other – Stuðlaberg Gin. This exceptional spirit pays homage to the unparalleled purity of Iceland and the heights of excellence celebrated with gold awards from across the globe.


Crafted Amidst Iceland’s Majesty

Stuðlaberg Gin, a testament to the power of nature and the art of distillation, finds its genesis in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. Crafted with unwavering dedication, it embodies the very essence of this unique land.


Icelandic Gin

Stuðlaberg Gin has rich flavors of juniper berries, citrus, orange, a hint of cardamom, and a subtle taste of licorice.

Stuðlaberg Gin’s perfect serve is with quality tonic water like Fentimans Connoisseur or Fever-tree Mediterranean, a thin slice of orange peel, star anise and lots of ice or just simply dry in a glass.

The Untamed Waters of Iceland

In the realm of fire and ice, where the earth’s forces shape the landscape and glaciers stand as ancient sentinels, flows a water unlike any other – Icelandic water. Sourced from the remote and untamed corners of this Nordic wonder, Icelandic water embarks on a journey high in the volcanic highlands. Rain and snowmelt percolate through layers of volcanic rock and mineral-rich soil, undergoing a natural filtration process that bequeaths it with distinct and remarkable purity. Each drop is an invitation to explore the pristine wilderness of Iceland, a sip of a land untouched by time.


The Icelandic water is the purest and most refreshing water you will ever find and Icelanders are very proud of it. The water comes straight from our natural springs only filtered through lava and rocks over thousands of years, it’s a magical process. This gives you an incredibly smooth and crispy tasting water like no other, just imagine yourself drinking silk! Icelandic water has an uncommonly high pH, which makes it naturally alkaline. Therefore the water in Stuðlaberg Gin is only filtered naturally.


A Commitment to Sustainability

Stuðlaberg Gin isn’t just a product; it’s a commitment to sustainability. Harnessing renewable geothermal energy for distillation, we reduce our carbon footprint, making it an embodiment of eco-consciousness. It’s a testament to the perfect union of environmental responsibility and exceptional quality.

Icelandic Gin

Globally Acclaimed Excellence

Stuðlaberg Gin has transcended borders, earning gold awards from every corner of the Earth. These accolades recognize not just its extraordinary taste but also the unwavering dedication and craftsmanship that go into every bottle.


A Journey Through Iceland’s Majesty

With each sip of Stuðlaberg Gin, you embark on a voyage through Iceland’s majestic landscapes. Juniper and citrus notes evoke the crisp mountain air, while herbal and spicy undertones leave an indelible impression.


Tasting Notes

World Gin Awards 2021 – “A lovely start on the nose with anise, liquorice and citrus, with fantastic juniper definition. The palate is cool and smooth with citrus and cardamom, with a long and harmonious finish. An excellent modern dry gin with a spicy twist.”


International Drinnks Specialists 2021 – “Very pronounced, inviting and appetising with citrus, herbs and barbershop notes. Complex and expressive with a harmony between the botanicals. There’s some cooling liquorice, zesty citrus and plenty of high quality juniper. Extra marks for the intensity being so high while the elegance and focus is kept with a great deal of harmony between botanicals on the end. Better and brighter than the previous expressions. Truly World class gin.”

A Testament to the Power of Craftsmanship

Like the forces of nature that have shaped Iceland’s landscapes, Stuðlaberg Gin is a testament to the power of craftsmanship and the world’s wonders. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, it allows you to experience the magic of Iceland and the epitome of gin craftsmanship in every sip.


An Ode to the Extraordinary

Stuðlaberg Gin invites you to savor the very essence of Iceland and the exceptional quality that has earned it worldwide acclaim. It’s not merely a drink; it’s an ode to the extraordinary, a tribute to the union of nature and human ingenuity.