HD EN | Stuðlaberg Gin
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Stuðlaberg Gin


Stuðlaberg Gin has rich flavors of juniper berries, citrus, orange, a hint of cardamom, and a subtle taste of licorice. It is smooth and handcrafted in Iceland with pure Icelandic water.
Stuðlaberg Gin’s perfect serve is with quality tonic water like Fentimans Connoisseur or Fever-tree Mediterranean, a thin slice of orange peel, star anise and lots of ice or just simply dry in a glass.

The Icelandic water


The Icelandic water is the purest and most refreshing water you will ever find and Icelanders are very proud of it. The water comes straight from our natural springs only filtered through lava and rocks over thousands of years, it’s a magical process. This gives you an incredibly smooth and crispy tasting water like no other, just imagine yourself drinking silk, it’s that good! Icelandic water has an uncommonly high pH, which makes it naturally alkaline. Therefore the water in Stuðlaberg Gin is only filtered naturally.

Tasting Notes


World Gin Awards 2021 – “A lovely start on the nose with anise, liquorice and citrus, with fantastic juniper definition. The palate is cool and smooth with citrus and cardamom, with a long and harmonious finish. An excellent modern dry gin with a spicy twist.”


International Drinnks Specialists 2021 – “Very pronounced, inviting and appetising with citrus, herbs and barbershop notes. Complex and expressive with a harmony between the botanicals. There’s some cooling liquorice, zesty citrus and plenty of high quality juniper. Extra marks for the intensity being so high while the elegance and focus is kept with a great deal of harmony between botanicals on the end. Better and brighter than the previous expressions. Truly World class gin.”

The Production

All the ingredients are weighed and grinded through a mill. After the grinding they are put in maceration with alcohol where the ingredients get to sit together for a few days making them quite absorbent to the alcohol and releasing the beautiful essential oils that we all love so much. After few days in the tank it´s connected to unique continuous still where the distillation process takes place at a negative pressure allowing the Gin to be distilled at much lower temperature than regular methods, making the Gin extra smooth and refined. After the distillation the only thing added to the distillate is water, making it a London dry style production but with a contemporary flavor profile.